How to Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Appliances

This information brought to you by Fix Appliance Service to help you understand good practices of how you can keep your house as safe as possible and prevent the spread of any infections. And YES, even COVID-19.

We do not guarantee that by following our recommendations, you can fully stop the spread of COVID-19, but at least we tried to help your family stay as far as possible from infections in your house.
Stay Safe! Stay Home!

Thank you for supporting our Local Business during COVID-19 quarantine!
All our technicians follow the Health of Canada recommendations to prevent the spread of infection. All our technicians wear masks, change gloves and disinfect tools after each customer appliance repair.
To book SAFE Appliance Repair Service, call +1 (800) 655-9917.


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Time is the only resource that can never be replaced or restored. Our qualified team of experts provides reliable service quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your daily business.


Fix Appliance Service proudly provides quality and reliable repairs with honesty and integrity. As an honoured customer, will never be overcharged, lied to or left unsatisfied.

The professional and skilled team at Fix Appliance Service has years of experience under its belt, working quickly and efficiently to resolve all your household appliance issues, with high-quality equipment and speedy, professional service sure to please.

Appliance Repair and Parts Insurance Plans


insurance plan
$ 99 YEAR + HST
  • 1 Appliance of your choice
  • Same-day repair
  • $0 Deductible


insurance plan
$ 149 YEAR + HST
  • Choose any 3 appliances
  • Same-day repair
  • $0 Deductible


insurance plan
$ 249 YEAR + HST
  • Choose any 5 appliances
  • Same-day repair
  • $0 Deductible
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